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Covert Persuasion & Covert Hypnosis

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Covert Hypnosis and Conversational hypnosis
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Let me explain this in a few simple words. The psychology of covert persuasion is ideal to master as it is the most powerful way to get anything that you want. When you have mastered covert persuasion you will able to change people’s behavior, impress and mesmerise the opposite sex, you can make people like you, you will be able to ask people to do what you want them to do.

In covert persuasion, the person is not aware that they are being hypnotised. They do not even know that anything is going on at all. Covert Hypnosis is another word for Conversational Hypnosis.

The purpose is to make a person do or say things that they would have otherwise not said or done, if they would not be under the influence of your Hypnosis Techniques.  For instance you could go into a garage to buy a car and if you possess the covert persuasion powers, you could make the sales guy sell you the car for 50% less than the normal price. It is important to know that the person itself will make the final decision to change his mind on the price or not, in our example to change his mind on the price.

Covert persusion secrets revealed

“Hypnotic Conversation And Body Language Techniques That Persuade Others Without Anyone Knowing or Remembering”. Renegade Persuasion Black Belts Expose Covert Persuasion Secrets

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Power of Covert persuasion

How to unleash the power of “Disguised Hypnosis” And Instantly Master The Arts Of Covert Persuasion and Hypnotic Mind Control.

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Covert Persuasion Expert Swears Under Oath His Secret Mind Control Techniques Do Not Involve Any Black Magic or “Dark Forces”. Warning ! The secrets you’re about to discover are powerful enough to change anyone’s behavior and way of thinking, so please use them ethically and responsibly.

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Covert persuasion

Covert Persuasion Skills and Training


Covert Persuasion is a skill that not everyone is lucky enough to have. There are many advantages and learning the skills will have may benefits.

There are many people who are naturally inflexible and difficult to deal with. They are dead against being converted. If you are dealing with someone of this kind of stubbornness, you can always apply hidden persuasion to get what you want.

Tactics that are used in covert persuasion work on the unconscious mind.


You can convince people in non-obvious and indirect ways to get what you want without looking like you did.

There are many web sites and advertisements that use stories to capture the notice of prospective clients and customers. You need to be careful with these web sites. I have listed some very good training programmes for you to check here : conversational Hypnosis Techniques.



Hypnotic World 700+ Hypnosis Scripts Membership Highly recommended for those interested in hypnotherapy!
Hypnotic World 700+ Hypnosis Scripts Membership Highly recommended for those interested in hypnotherapy!

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